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Maryland Federation of Art

Circle Gallery
18 State Circle Annapolis, MD 21401

Feb 28 - Mar 10

Mélange I 2024 exhibition

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In June 2020, Anna's artwork "Flower Connection" won the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum Mural Competition.

The competition theme was "The Joy of being outside". Against the backdrop of the hard worldwide pandemic period the artwork "Flower Connection" symbolically called on the world to preserve love and take care of loved ones with an extra effort. People from more than 15 countries took part in the voting.


In her artist’s statement, Anna says, “Felines and Flowers represent the unity of Flora and Fauna. Mother Cat, like Mother Earth – radiates warmth and love and shows that we are all connected by the same laws of nature. The Kitten, a child of nature, symbolizes humanity absorbing the life-giving energy of the Earth.”



Originating from Moscow, Anna's artistic journey unfolded in San Diego, California, where she resided for a transformative decade and where artistic metamorphosis began, culminating in 2020 with Anna's victory in the Mural Billboard Competition at the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum with the piece "Flower Connection".

The global pandemic prompted Anna's family to relocate to Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, where in 2023, she contributed to the Art for Justice initiative with the poignant artwork "Lost But Not Forgotten" as part of the "Make a Marc" project.

Today, settled in Maryland, Anna has become a member of the Maryland Federation of Art, clinching the People’s Choice award in October 2023 for the emotive masterpiece "Dance with Pillow."

From her earliest years, Anna's fascination with art burgeoned into a lifelong passion. Experimentation led her to acrylics. Anna's commitment extends beyond her canvases; she hosts art events for the Russian-speaking community, driven by a sincere desire to infuse joy into immigrants' lives through artistic engagement.

Anna's art is more than an aesthetic endeavor—it's an emotional odyssey. Suggestive and stirring, her works are crafted to evoke profound emotions from the viewer, inviting them to explore the intricate tapestry of life and find profound emotions within the brushstrokes.

She is open for collaboration. Portfolio  Resume  Project 


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Maryland Federation of Art

Digital Directions Exhibition


This artwork is a striking visual composition that uses a stack of pillows as a canvas for a series of painted scenes.

Art shows / Exhibitions / Competitions

Art show at Ashton Gallery, San Diego 2018
Art show - Art Walk Carlsbad 2019
Art show – San Diego Mission Fed Art Walk 2020, 7th November 2020
Art show – San Diego Mission Fed Art Walk 2021, 3rd October 2021
Art show - Make a Marc Group Art
Show, Pittsburgh, 1st April 2023

Art show - Collector's Choice 2023 event, Volvo Cars Annapolis, October 22nd

Art show - Miami Red Dot Art Fair, December 6-10, 2023
Exhibition - Solo. Public library, San Diego 2019
Exhibition - Mission Fed Art walk Virtual Edition, Online, December 2020
Exhibition - "Abstraction for the unconventional" , The Manos Gallery, Tarentum, PA, 4th March 2023
Exhibition - "Chasing the Sun" , You Are Here 406 Gallery, Jeannette, PA, 25th March 2023
Exhibition - "The Discarded" , The Manos Gallery, Tarentum, PA, 1st April 2023
Exhibition - "Art on paper", Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, MD,
29th April 2023

Exhibition - "Small Wonders", Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, MD, 14th December 2023

Exhibition - "Digital Directions", Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, MD, 31th January 2024
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery competition
4 special recognition awards 2018
Winner of Mural billboard Competition San Diego Children's Discovery Museum, July 2020
Winner of People’s Choice award for Paint Dover! November 2020

Winner of People’s Choice award at Collector’s Choice event, MFA, October 2023